May i share my overseas experience here?

May i share my overseas experience here?

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25 thoughts on “May i share my overseas experience here?

  1. On September 2017, I got invitation from U. S Embassy for joining the IVLP program ( International Visitor Leadership Program) for 4 weeks in Washington, DC, Detroit-Michigan, Dallas-Texas, Austin-Texas and Portland-Oregon short course about Faith Based Education which is studying about youth on pluralism, responsible citizenship in a democratic society, examine Muslim life in America and many others. For complete information i’m an English high school teacher .

  2. Sy brankat tgl 6 sept’17 beserta 9 tmn dosen dr sluruh indonesia 3 putri n sisa nya putra… Sampe di washington, DC tgl 8/10/17 krn short course di mulai tgl 10 so kmi smua travelling dulu mengelilingi white house beserta tour guide n 8 tmn….

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